Dec 4th 2018 - I'm back!

So HSCs are finally over and normal life can now resume! Since finishing exams I have been busy auditioning, filming my webseries, releasing my first album ('Parasitia') and working on my first feature film and comedy series but more to come on all that in the next few weeks...

School may be over but I was amazed to find out I had been nominated for all four of the HSC major work subjects I took ('Onstage' for drama, 'Encore' for music, 'Intech' for industrial techonology multimedia and 'Shape' for design and technology), plus I recently found out the film I made for multimedia has been selected for exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum next year which is fantastic. I'll post a link for the film when it's released later this month, in the meantime here is a link to an interview I did with the Sydney Eisteddfod earlier in the year!

Sydney Eisteddfod Interview


This Room Does Not Exist