30th Nov - movies, musicals and more..

Sorry to have been offline for so long - I had school exams, a singing exam and loads of other not so interesting things I had to do but now I'M BACK and have been busy working on a number of projects.

Last week I filmed a couple of scenes in my first feature film,'Liebe', directed by the amazing Sasha Hadden with world famous cinematographer Don McAlpine (Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet, The Dressmaker) which was very exciting!

Now I am busy in rehearsals for this year's pantomime, Rapunzel, at the King Street Theatre (see left) along with rehearsals for next year's school musical, The Wizard of Oz, where I will be playing the scarecrow.

Great to back in the theatre or working on film sets, and also having the time to write music again - look out for my latest EP - Impia (Oculorum) at soundcloud.com/oculorum/sets/impia  (see photo below). 

Only one more week of school to go then - PARTY TIME!

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